So, you came here, did you? 

Well, so be it, but remember, only YOU

are responsible for that dubious decision.  

But isn't the picture appropriate for a Thailand website? 

Punishment with A Smile!

Yep, works for me.   Now click on the pretty girl to enter    

the world of today's Thailand the likes of which you have not seen before. 

Enter, "hansum man".  At your own risk, of course.


"No one describes the ins and outs of living in the sultry Far East better than Dean Barrett...The dialogue is as real and raw as any you'll hear sitting at a Pattaya beer bar and the characters are so true-to-life that long after finishing the book you'll think that you actually met them - it's just that you got too drunk to remember the details." - Stephen Leather, author, Tango One

            "I found myself captivated.  Barrett has a deep and considered knowledge of things Chinese…and has a gift for expressing his passion for the country’s history and art."  - Daniel Cooper, Untamed Travel Magazine